THE E-MAIL (for all demos, press inquiries, penis enlargement offers, etc.)
chrissy | at-sign | sleazetone | dot | com (but please read below first!)

If you are an artist wanting to send us a demo:
1) Please make certain that it is your best, finished material.
2) Attach two 320kbps mp3s (no zip files, and no more than two) in an email to the address above.
3) We will listen (we promise!), and if we like your stuff, we’ll ask you for more.
4) A press kit ALWAYS HELPS. Send us some biographical info, some write-ups you’ve had (even if they are the teensy local paper), even a description of your sound or a link to a photo. Anything you can do to clue us in to what you are about.
Best of luck!

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